Long Term Relationships: In or Out?

What is a fling?

Something short, fun and sweet. Nothing serious.

In the eyes of my friends, I am the self-guarding closet pessimist. But the truth is, I still want just what any other girl does.

Romance. Love. All those feelings Bruno Mars sings about and has Adele rolling in the deep.

I never stopped believing that love is out there, I just stopped chasing it.

It’s not worth the pain and the stress. This is just a personal preference for someone who tends to go right off the rails every time a serious relationship ends badly. Being someone who finds it difficult to trust people, once I’ve let a guy into my world it’s an insane emotional roller coaster for me. Over time I’ve realised that I just don’t handle the hurdles of a long-term relationship very well. To be honest… I become a bit of a nutter.

Solution? Avoidance.

This doesn’t mean that I will be eternally out-to-lunch in the love department. This just means that I’ve closed shop during the periods of my life when I know I need to focus on other things (like my career).

Luckily for me, not every fish in the wide blue ocean is chasing love. I still have my youth.

My question is, is there any harm to just subsidizing my “love life” with cute boys and short-lived romances until I feel ready to dedicate a serious portion of my life to finding a man to marry?

In any case, I hope that one day (in the distant future) I’ll have something like this :)

..(except for the part about meeting as kids. That ships long sailed)

– K


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