A Visit to the Lost and Found

This area has been exposed to high levels of crazy. Keep away. Dose rate 15 mR/ hr

DANGER: she’s about to lose herself in a relationship. Well… to be honest, she’s already gone. If I were a guy and a chick said that to me I’d run for the hills. It’s just like …whoa easy now… easy.

I’ve only felt this way about 1 guy (in my defence, might I add that I was seemingly drunk for the entire duration of said relationship). Believe me… you learn your lesson quick! Love is grand, but never ever lose “you” in”us”.

Letting yourself fall into the trap of becoming over-attached is a terribly effective way of setting yourself up to be absolutely hammered hurt, because you should always look after your own life (the part that’s got nothing to do with the guy you’re dating), or else its going to be a shit-storm if it doesn’t work out.

Just reading that pink napkin freaks me out. Yes, guilty, I’m kind of a commitment phobe, but at least I’m not going crazy at the mere thought of being “by myself”. Actually, being single is like immersing myself in pure freedom. I’m no Mary Jane: life doesn’t revolve around my relationships and I am so thankful for that. Having said that, I’m not closing myself off to relationships either.

You have your fun, see how it goes and you move on :) and along the way you learn a thing or two about life, men and yourself. You’re free but you’re learning …it’s perfect.

Your life is your own. Yours and no one else’s. So live it for you.

That’s the way it should be.

Eventually you’ll find love. And you’ll find it not because you have finally figured out how to dedicate yourself wholly to another, but because you’ve learnt to live with the right balance. You want the weight of another person’s heart on your shoulders? Make sure you can carry the weight of your own.

– K

Don’t be like …


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