Quick Thought – Doubts

Mmm sometimes I feel like I make huge mistakes with guys. Like this one guy that’s on my mind right now. I crack up every time I think about him and I have no clue why.

Even seeing a picture of him cracks me up. And for no apparent reason. Well actually, a thought is occurring to me as I’m typing. I must still like him?

Maybe it’s an adult version of girlish giggles?? Maybe I’m losing my mind…

3am musings on the thought-train.
– K

Update – So I’m updating this post a fortnight after posting it and I gotta say …I’m laughing! See, I always get really obsessive about why things go pear-shaped, even if I don’t like the guy. That’s probably the inner perfectionist coming through. When I think of him now …it’s a very blank feeling. As it should be with men you’re no longer interested in.

When things end it’s for the best. A new beginning. The tide brings in adventure everyday, so let the waves cleanse you!

Update revisited – So here I am re-updating this post a fortnight after my previous update. Hahahaa I must be losing my mind. This guy …is a piece of work. I’m really unsure about wtf im doing with him. Yes you heard correctly. Still going. I should gtfo while I can right? [totally going to see this post again and think to myself ‘why didn’t I listen’]


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