Biggest Dating Turn Offs In Men

Let’s take a look at some of the most repulsive things that a guy can possibly do on a date. Of course its all personal opinion, but I’ve tried to focus on the most common turn-offs out there. These are no-brainers!

Bad hygiene: This includes things like greasy hair, body odour, dirty clothes and stinky breath. I also find it completely repulsive when a guy spits on me as he talks (ewww, really?). Absolutely fatal on a first date: I can’t imagine how a guy who fails to meet average hygiene standards could make it to a second. To some extent, this also includes men who smoke and reek of cigarettes for the rest of the day: it’s gross. However, I have dated smokers who smell fine in between, and personally I was okay with that.

Bottom line: If a woman thinks you’re gross its over. You have no chance. Hell will freeze over before she lets you touch her.

Being Late: This leaves an incredibly bad impression. You’ll come off as lazy, disorganised and disrespectful of her time. If she makes an effort to be on time, so should you! Come on, good sir, don’t screw it up by being late.

Bottom line: Be on time. 

Disrespectful: I think we’ve all met men who think they are TOP SHIT. Yeaaaah no. This will land you in the douchebag category. If you want to make it out with your balls intact then do not insult or patronize her. Do not ignore her when, for example, you bump into a friend of yours and have a long conversation with him whilst she stands there twiddling her thumbs thinking “what a rude dickhead”. Be polite, not just to her but to others around you. No woman wants to date a rude and disrespectful jerk.

Bottom line: Remember your manners.

Ambiguity: After about a month, she should know how you feel about her and what your intentions are (what kind of relationship you want etc). Most women will find it incredibly frustrating if they are constantly left guessing and are never sure of how you feel. Don’t send mixed signals. Don’t confuse her. The way us girls see it: after a couple of dates he should know how much he likes you and if he wants a relationship. If he’s unsure or unwilling to let you know then he’s not worth the time.

Bottom line: Tell it like it is and don’t fuck around with her. A bit of mystery is fun, but not about the big picture. Keep it simple – because if its complicated during the ‘honeymoon phase’ it’ll be even worse in the future.

Treating us like one of the boys: Don’t treat her like one of your mates. There’s a reason why she’s dating you. One of the most important parts of dating is the thrill of dating itself. Don’t shoot yourself in the foot and treat her like she’s an ordinary friend. It kills the excitement (and it probably kills the sexual chemistry too). Yes, you do need to be friends in order for a relationship to sustain itself in the long-run, but that comes after the courtship.

Bottom line: Treat her like she’s special.

It all sounds so easy, but time and time again I’ve seen guys fail (with flying colours) to avoid these basic dating pot holes.

Break a leg!

– K


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