2 Rules for Dating – The Pick Up and the Call

Long time no see :)

A week in the blogosphere is a long time to be away and I’m glad to be back. So after a busy week and a complete lack of inspiration, I finally have something I want to blog about.

So I’ve been thinking …there’s a lot to learn about a man just from how he behaves when he first meets you. Does he give you his number or will he ask for yours? Call me old fashioned, but some dating traditions should be preserved.

Here are my 2 golden rules to date by:

1. Get the Number: He should ask for yours.

If he gives you his number instead then his interest is at a very mediocre level. We want nothing less than a high interest level, which should mean that he wants to leave nothing to chance. It should be …”WOW! I need to see her again!“, not …”If she wants to call me then okay. If she doesn’t, meh…”

2. Make the Call: Now that he’s got your number he should call. No texting. Call first.

What kind of guy gets your number and texts instead of calling. Im sorry but that’s totally half-assing it. He might as well ask for your facebook page or msn (good luck, buddy). Asking you out to coffee/drinks should be done over the phone: spoken rather than typed. The latter is just immature, chicken or indifferent…or all of the above.

If you’re anything like me then these rules are golden.

When a guys really into you this shit should be easy. And if he’s too insecure to do that then screw it. Date confident, straightforward and genuine men.

– K


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