Smelling Like A Man

Oh mmmm :)

Honestly, I am obsessed with the way guys smell. Let me clarify first: the way a guy who takes care of himself smells. Clean, fresh and seductive. I looooove when you hug your boyfriend (or hookup …but then it wouldn’t be a hug would it?) and they smell so good.

That natural man smell just makes me weak at the knees!

So occasionally I like to spritz a bit of cologne on myself. Given that I’m a girl, I damn well can’t get that natural man-smell going, so cologne is the next best thing.

Right now I’m wearing Boss Orange Man

Every time a guy wearing the same cologne as a guy in dating walks past I’m like “ohh baby” [deliberately walks behind him]. That creepy girl who walked too close to you on the street …yeah that was me … I no stalker!

On the other hand, I think its pretty sexy for a girl to smell a bit masculine sometimes …masculine chic, that is.

– K


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