Blogging Your Most Intimate Thoughts

I often find myself sitting up in my bed, laptop out, just typing out every thought that runs through my head into an ‘Add New Post’ wordpress page.

When it’s out of my system and on the screen, I hit ‘Save Draft’

I think I have more than 30 of these drafts. Not one is published – they aren’t meant to be.

The process of typing them up is so cathartic. It’s not like these thoughts are worth a single dime to begin with. The real value comes from being able to re-read them a few weeks down the track, have a bit of a chuckle over them [and perhaps a few facepalms too] and then delete the ones that I’ve resolved.

It’s like I’ve started my own thought bank haha!

What would happen if I published the whole lot of them I wonder [most likely nothing]. Now I wish the iPod would finish charging so that I can get some sleep…

2am on the thought train

– K


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