Existential Moments

Hello World :)

Every now and then I have moments where I can’t stop thinking about life and what I want for my future. Most of the time, its met with a resounding silence. Hahahaa to be fair, I have a want to travel and a thirst for change. My greatest fear is that I will somehow end up in a situation where I am just stagnant and everything is mediocre.

Chaos is fine. In fact, a life without chaos is not worth living. What I fear above anything else is the possibility of just drifting aimlessly from one day to the next without a thirst for exploration. For me, life should really be about discovering the world, constant learning and pursuing our own happiness.

I find myself nearing the end of my undergraduate degree and I’m kind of freaking out about it. Is it normal to have a general vision of what you want your life to be like, without a clearly articulated course of action ?

Honestly, my daydreams about what my future may hold has little to do with careers or milestones and more to do with feelings and inspiration.

Rawrr this phase of life, the uncertainty, it makes me feel anxious.

Until the next post, enjoy your week :)

– K


3 thoughts on “Existential Moments

  1. You sound so beautifully full of LIFE, I can’t help but comment :) Finishing your undergraduate degree – well run out in the middle of the road & take it all head-on! (you understand, figuratively).
    I don’t agree life without chaos is not worth its breath, but everything else in your post I love & agree with.
    I love your hyper energy & I think you have just the enquiring mind, & eloquent expression of search, to leave a mark on this world worth visiting, & revisiting.

    :) Noeleen
    VodkaWasMyMuse.wordpress.com / wordsfallfrommyeyes.com

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