Smile for My Polaroid!

My ideal world is the one you see through polaroid pictures: soft, astral and faded, almost as if that clear disunion of shadow and light means nothing and the world is just draped in dream.

Here is a selection of polaroids that I have come across to date. I do not own any of them, but merely wish to share :)

paris polaroids

paris polaroid

Polaroid Holiday *3

paris polaroids

Paris Carousel

LLiris - Polaroid Polaroid #1
Polaroid 300 Photo Walk - January 2011

Have a wonderful weekend! :)

– K


2 thoughts on “Smile for My Polaroid!

    • Thanks! They arent my shots – I found them on flickr. If you click on the polaroid it takes you to the owner’s flickr stream :) Cheers

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