Snapshots of China: Old Beijing

Hello there

This is the first in a series of posts inspired by my trip to China back in 2011, which I have decided to call Snapshots of China. My purpose in doing this is to hopefully dispel some of the negativity surrounding China, as it is my ancestral land. Granted that there are many areas that seem ‘backward’ to those of us gazing upon China from the other side of the world, China can sometimes be quite alluring in her mystery, ancient charms and vast array of delicious foods.

Don’t believe me?

Wait and see.

Qianmen Gate – located South of Tiananmen Square

Shop facade in Qianmen Street

The Qianmen Archway

 全聚德 – Premier Peking duck specialists since 1984

It is reputed that the restaurant acquired the Imperial Court’s zealously guarded recipe for Peking duck sometime during the Qing Dynasty.

Result:  the most amazing duck that I have ever had the privilege of gobbling up. Truly.

Keep your eyes peeled for my upcoming Snapshots of China! Don’t forget to follow my blog :)

– K


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