Every Lady Loves A Gentleman

Here’s a bit of food for thought…

I’ve noticed that women tend to ask the question “where are all the good guys?”. On the other hand, men tend to ask “where are all the girls?” Period.

Here is the fundamental difference in the way men and women perceive the grand process of finding love. Women go into it with a pre-existing set of criteria that will either make a man “good” or “bad” …and the decision is usually made early on in the relationship. Women can’t stand to waste time: we know what we want and we’re not settling for anything less, but are we sacrificing potential for efficiency?

Does this mean that we’re prematurely brushing aside perfectly good men who would have made perfectly great boyfriends?

I’ve noticed that men tend to prefer the “see how it goes” method. Hey, if she turns out to be crazy, at least you gave it a good shot . Unlike women who usually make up their minds before the month is out, men take a lot longer.

Perhaps women are doing themselves a great disservice by knowing exactly what they want. If most of life doesn’t go to plan anyway, is it wise to have these pre-existing dating check-lists or are we better off going with the flow?

I wonder…

– K


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