Iconic Beauty

Do any of you have those people on Facebook who continuously post photos of themselves? To be frank, I find it unbelievably irritating… and incredibly telling. It really gets me thinking about life in the modern era.

Take the role of cosmetics: when used correctly, make up can be a really wonderful tool that can help bolster confidence. When used poorly …well we’ve all seen people who go a bit too far, but in case you haven’t:

pastel girls in harajuku, 姫ギャル

Now, I’m no make up artist, but I’d say that that might be a bit too much. Just a little?

Line your eyes, glue on fake eyelashes and insert circle lenses into your eyes for the rest of your existence… but what will that really achieve? Momentary beauty? There is no such thing.

Beauty is something that is absolute and eternal, to be possessed wholly or not at all.

Okay, I admit that I’m a blunt person and sometimes lack the patience to sugarcoat things. Going back to the Facebook issue: if no one is commenting on your self-titled one-man-show, perhaps it’s time to view it as a manifestation of the quality that is the most deterring of all: self-absorption.

Universal beauty is about character and vanity is ugly.

So what is beauty then? For me, it’s Audrey-esque:

Beauty should be effortless. It’s there in all of us, sometimes 6 inches deep in make up, but nevertheless it’s there.

– K


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