Pictures by Tim Walker


So recently I had a bit of a book shopping spree at The Book Depository, which I personally feel is a much better place to buy your books from than Amazon. The books are about the same price but Book Depository has free shipping, which makes all the difference!

It was a bit of a hunt for Tim Walker and Annie Leibovitz books because I am a huge, eternal fan of their work.

Pictures by Tim Walker is currently on sale, so I thought I might snap it up despite the price tag. Then I found a second book Tim Walker: Story Teller which I couldn’t walk away from either.

And there you have it… a giant hole in my wallet.

If you would like to have a glimpse into Pictures by Tim Walker, a blogger by the name of Rene Humphrey has a post about the book here, with a few pictures of the actual content.

Why is Tim Walker worth it?

Like the saying goes, “I fell in love with the world in you“…

And that is exactly what happens with every single Tim Walker photograph that I see. He is so skilled at creating whimsical far-fetched worlds, and I love him for it!

Absolutely beautiful

– K


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