Simplicity and the Natural State of Living

So I’ve come to a very simple conclusion. So simple, in fact, that I’m ashamed of not having realized it sooner.

Life is an unpredictable journey: fascinating, wonderful and completely perplexing. But regardless of the details, emotions and impressions made, we will all return to the Earth as beings made of flesh and blood.

There is a very simple idea that seems to get buried under the pressures of modern living. I think that if we all could spend more time immersed in nature, surrounded by the dirt and the trees, many of the worries we have bred into existence would dissolve. Insignificant details in a much larger diagram.

Golden Hour

If we could spend an entire day under the clouds and the sun, without words, simply reflecting on what it means to actually live, I think that we would all emerge as stronger, happier individuals.

I cannot speak for others but I can say, with absolute certainty, that I am happiest when I’ve spent the day in the garden or at a park or a beach, gobbling up whole foods with a good book in my lap. Even if I can’t spend an entire day in this manner, I would at least hope to catch golden hour, when the sun is close to setting and the world is luminous.

Have a happy week and thanks for reading :)

– K


4 thoughts on “Simplicity and the Natural State of Living

  1. Wonderful entry here, so beautifully worded! Well done! Aye, spending time in nature always restores me to a simpler state of mind- any careworn notions dissolve in the tide, or hum up into the welkin of cotton and melt into the sun, vanished. I have indeed spent whole days completely in nature, hiking, resting, wondering, reading, or my favourite, just observing everything I can take in around me. It is a glorious feeling just to abide in one’s natural state, fully aware that we are truly a part of the natural cycles of life, and indeed, will return to the earth. We are not separate from this- and this I think gives life a much richer meaning- rather than scrabbling about, clinging onto notions and cares bred by modern society- we can see that we are all a part of the whole life cylce of the planet, all connected, what we do here affects someone else on the other side of the world, how we all work together as a unit- animals, plants, the cycles of the earth, all wound together, a part of this miracle of a planet that is just a minute speck in the universe- it’s unfathomable, humbling, and I think so much more meaningful- how much richness I think that gives to life, to a single life. Wonderful entry indeed!

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