Gabrielle Coco Chanel: Perception and Reality

I love the modern Chanel brand, I do. With Lagerfeld at the helm, the fashion house has led the industry season upon season with it’s impeccable taste and vision. But beneath the prestige, star-spangled glamour and lucrative spoils lies something that I find unbearably disturbing.

Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel, a woman I dislike intensely, was an anti-semetic Nazi who made her sentiments about the supposed inferiority of the Jewish peoples and other minorities well known throughout her lifetime.

I absolutely detest how much the people of the fashion world still idolize her without any mention of her association with the Nazi party. It is a haute couture herd effect: one raves and another follows.

There are a number of gay men who work in fashion and no doubt many lot of them adore Coco Chanel. Why? Do they know of her homophobic outlook? “Homosexuals? …I have seen young women ruined by these awful queers: drugs, divorce, scandal. They will use any means to destroy a competitor and to wreak vengeance on a woman.”

Yeah, tres magnifique. Cheer for your idol.

How disappointing that someone, who’s beliefs about systematic mass murder are aligned to that of Adolf Hitler’s, should be perpetually glorified as some sort of gift to the world.

She was a talented designer, but that should not be a reason to overlook serious moral flaws. Galliano sure as hell paid for his anti-semetic rant at a Paris cafe just a few years ago, and all he did was voice those opinions in public. What of Chanel’s supposed Nazi spying? She was deeply connected to the Nazi party and perhaps even mingled with Heinrich Himmler, mastermind behind “The Final Solution”.  Should a woman who kept such company still be praised so tirelessly?

After all, I would never forgive a Hitler or a Stalin for encouraging such violations against humanity simply because they were chic.

– K


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