Why I Love Yoga

miranda kerr's yoga routineBesides from the lure of a fit yoga body, practicing lets me access an inner sanctuary where I can really center myself and focus my thoughts. It’s actually sort of like meditating by getting physical.

I breathe in deeply and breathe out negativity.

I breathe in deeply and breathe out regret.

I breathe in deeply and breathe out frustration.

There is also that hit of endorphins that my body releases when I get my sweat on :) Very much appreciated on days when I am feeling under the weather or upset about something. Fellow yogi’s might agree with me when I say that there is something calming about keeping the rhythm in your sequence, steady breaths in and out, and the awesomeness of a good counter-stretch.

Sometimes after a routine, a just lie on my mat with my arms stretched out above my head and my toes pointed out. It feels good because it feels like I’m letting go of things that are not meant for me. I guess, in my own way, this is how I take the weight of the world off my shoulders.

I breathe in deeply and gather the strength to keep going.


Part 1 of a four part sequence from my favourite instructor on Youtube:

Sadie Nardini – she’s like this cool rock chick who could totally kick your ass! Take note, that “belly fire” thing she talks about works. I do that sequence and it makes my body feel charged!

Anywho, I’m actually going to go do this sequence now :)

– Jess


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