What Happens When “The One That Got Away” Comes Back

(I loved you… )


Realistically speaking, what happens when two people are separated because of circumstances that can’t be helped? They break up… they try to move on and forget that nagging “what if… ”

You tell yourself that perhaps it wasn’t supposed to work out anyway, because life is the way it is, and people can’t sustain a relationship if they are separated by oceans and time. So you forget.

And one day, you get out of bed thinking that this day will be just like any other, only to be smacked in the face by that insidious thing called Fate.

You see him and you realize the magnitude of that single moment. I guess at first you doubt yourself; the ability of your eyes to see a person’s face clearly. No, it’s definitely him.

Every memory, every feeling, every word that was ever exchanged, it all comes rushing over you with enough intensity to leave you standing there with your mouth slightly ajar (like an idiot) for a good few minutes before you catch yourself.

Life is weird that way – the clock can suddenly be rewound in a single second. Well, I suppose it’s good in one way at least: you know that what you felt was real. It withstood the erosion of time, the pain of being pulled apart, the emptiness of having lost something so intensely crucial to your own happiness.

But I think the main idea is to remember that those memories, those feelings, those words and that love, they happened a long time ago. You were a different person back then, and your lives have changed too much.

I choose to live my life with my eye on the future. The past was the past, and I’ve already erased “Us” from my bucket list.

(I loved you… but that “I” and that “you” don’t exist anymore)


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