Ishiko: Santiago & Mauricio / Ginta Lapina

 A beautiful short film by Santiago and Mauricio.

Ginta’s skin looks gorgeous here, all glowy and fresh!


Photo of the Day: Mert and Marcus / Laura Carmichael

I think Laura Carmichael is an actor from Downton Abbey. I don’t watch the show so am not too sure, but she looks so wonderful here. A sort of gentle beauty.


Pictures by Tim Walker


So recently I had a bit of a book shopping spree at The Book Depository, which I personally feel is a much better place to buy your books from than Amazon. The books are about the same price but Book Depository has free shipping, which makes all the difference!

It was a bit of a hunt for Tim Walker and Annie Leibovitz books because I am a huge, eternal fan of their work.

Pictures by Tim Walker is currently on sale, so I thought I might snap it up despite the price tag. Then I found a second book Tim Walker: Story Teller which I couldn’t walk away from either.

And there you have it… a giant hole in my wallet.

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Photos of the Day: The September Book / Frida Gustavsson

Frida Gustavsson is from Stockholm, Sweden! One of my favourite models.

These images are from the Neiman Marcus 2012 September Book. They always work with amazing models :)


Iconic Beauty

Do any of you have those people on Facebook who continuously post photos of themselves? To be frank, I find it unbelievably irritating… and incredibly telling. It really gets me thinking about life in the modern era.

Take the role of cosmetics: when used correctly, make up can be a really wonderful tool that can help bolster confidence. When used poorly …well we’ve all seen people who go a bit too far, but in case you haven’t:

pastel girls in harajuku, 姫ギャル

Now, I’m no make up artist, but I’d say that that might be a bit too much. Just a little?

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Country Strong: Annie Leibovitz / Karlie Kloss / Vogue US

Has everyone been watching coverage of the London 2012 Olympics?

I quite like the men’s swimming. One perfect body after anotherrrrr (excuse me while I wipe the drool off my chin].

In honour of the London Olympics, thought I would share an editorial that Annie Leibovitz shot with model Karlie Kloss (I love her!) and some of America’s male Olympians for the Vogue June 2012 issue.

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Karlie’s almost the same height as Dwyane Wade…

– K

Tattoo Temptation

Tempted to get a tad of body ink!

I used to think of tattoos as rather unsightly results of unwise decisions. The first time I saw them in a positive light was thanks to the efforts of Peter Philips for Chanel back in 2010.

At the time, Chanel had launched their Trompe-l’oeil temporary tattoos:

I love the sparrows, though I hear that swallows are a bit of a tramp stamp now(?!)

Say it isn’t so! Sparrows are so sweet and elegant. They were used by Philips as swallows are thought to announce the coming of Spring. A very suitable image for the Chanel Spring collection, no?

Here we are two years on and I am still in love with swallow tattoos.

Any suggestions? Have you considered getting a permanent tattoo?

– K