Racism on Sydney Public Transport

So much buzz about racial abuse on Sydney’s public transport system. Well, Ive had and probably will continue to have run-ins with racist bigots myself, but Ive made my peace with it because I’ve come to realize this: It doesn’t take much strength or skill to hurl words of hate at a another person. It’s the easy option for people who are weak of mind and full of hatred. And that hatred is probably symptomatic of the suffering they inflict upon themselves, every day, by living a life that is completely choked by negativity and ignorance.

Meanwhile, I get to eat delicious delicious dumplings that my Chinese mum made.

– Jess


A Sydney Kind Of Breakfast

Long time no post :(

I won’t make excuses for my absence. Haven’t been feeling very chipper lately so my nights have been reduced to watching romantic movies. Who doesn’t need a good dose of Ryan Gosling :) mmmm yummy!

Speaking of things that are delicious, I thought I would post a picture of yesterday’s breakfast:


Go ahead and feel what I want you to feel: hungry

– K

Cafe Culture and Giant Waffles

Sitting at a coffee shop chatting with friends is an absolutely necessary pass time. Even though I typically avoid coffee, I am still able to enjoy most Sydney cafes as nearly all of them offer non-caffeine and milk-based drinks such as green tea lattes and frapps.

One amazing 2012 discovery that I absolutely must share with you is how fantastic green tea lattes taste when you add cinnamon sugar to it. It is insane how good it tastes! Who would have thought, green tea latte and cinnamon are two peas in a pod. If you don’t like cinnamon [who hates cinnamon?! how do you live?!] this isn’t the trick for you.

Note – it has to be cinnamon sugar. Regular ground cinnamon won’t dissolve completely and you’ll end up with a rather unappetizing lumpy latte. Not so awesome.

So if you live is Sydney I recommend that you check out Caffe Bom in Eastwood. This cafe is cute!

The foods good too:

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Beach Season in Sydney

Now that we’re transitioning into Spring, I can’t help but feel a little jipped over the lack of sunshine and hot Summer days we’ve had in Australia over the last couple of months. The rain just kept coming back!

Very few sunny weekends, which meant that I was either stuck at work or uni when it was finally clear and warm :(

Here’s a photo I took of a long-lost Sydney Summer

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How Does the World Look Through Rose Spectacles?

I took a series of photographs the other day whilst I was out with a friend just relaxing at a cafe. I am in love with Chai Lattes! The more cinnamon the better!

Um, but this is besides the point. After playing around with effects on my laptop, I ended up with these photos, and I feel like they really capture my life (the way I see my world, perhaps?)

Shot at Cheeky Chocolate – Sydney

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