Jodi Picoult, You Genius!

This is a beautiful quote.

She puts her hands on either side of my face, and the room falls away.

I have never gotten so lost in a kiss before. And then, the space between us explodes. My heart keeps missing beats and my hands cannot bring her close enough to me.

I taste her and realize I have been starving.

I have loved before, but it didn’t feel like this.
I have kissed before, but it didn’t burn me alive.

Maybe it lasts a minute, and maybe it’s an hour. All I know is that kiss, and how soft her skin is when it brushes against mine, and that even if I did not know it until now, I have been waiting for this person forever.

Now this is romance – so raw and unashamed.


Balancing Out The Cheer

I am feeling a very dark vibe tonight! Not because I am a horribly emo person, but because it brings an interesting balance to my I-am-so-chipper!-days.

super saturated and grainy

Thinking back to the last time I ever loved a man, my fingertips made sweet sweet love to the matte black keys of my laptop.

And then this happened:

His love had stripped me of my armour. It was a starving pack of wolves. I was surrounded before I had even registered the danger, and quickly devoured before I could run.

It tore into my flesh, took chunks out of me.

I bled for him.

I still do.

Goodnight my sweet potatoes! (What did I say? Balance)

– Jess

Oh Darling, Lets Be Adventurers!

inspirational quote wanderlust

If a girl had been worth having, she’d have waited for you?

No, sir, the girl really worth having won’t wait for anybody.

– F. Scott Fitzgerald

Don’t sit idly by as his life rushes forward. Keep living each day with the same rigour as if you had never crossed paths.

That’s the ultimate test; to see if two lives, two minds, two universes can collide without fatality. A soul mate isn’t someone who completes you. A soul mate isn’t someone who’s there every time you turn around. There’s no balance in that. I already have a shadow, and I don’t want another.

Find the person that expands your horizons and forces you out of your comfort zone. Find a love so adventurous that it make’s you swallow your fears.

Travel the world together. Recreate the world together.

Find the person that makes you feel strong enough and brave enough to change your life for the better.

No waiting involved. Life is too short.

Broken Relationships Should Get The Flick

I’m not in love and I haven’t been for a very long time. It’s ancient history, baby, and I’m not sure if this is a good or bad situation to be in. But hey, this post is not about my love life hehe.


This post is for all the girls out there who are feeling lost in their relationships.

“What happened to the perfect couple that I built up in mind? We strayed so far from who we used to be. I mean, everything would be perfect if we could just go back to how it used to be.”

Yes, at one time or another, I’ve harboured all these crazy emotions in my overloaded cranium. Goodness, I’m glad it hasn’t happened for a lengthy amount of time because, well, emotional stress makes me very mopey and a little chubby :)

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What is a Heart?

For my very first post, I would like to start things off with an ode to the heart. Not my heart, per say, but the collective heart of my friends and loved ones, past and present.

(Please read the following with a David Attenborough accent …because it sounds better)

When a heart has been truly and soundly ripped apart, it will grow back mangled and disfigured. It will never be able to take its original shape and can never be as smooth, supple and forgiving.

Consequently, anything that has a slight effect on the heart will either cause it to burst open fully or recoil in anticipation of pain. Our hearts learn only from what they have experienced. As such, broken hearts are hard to mend and impossible to fully heal (unless you are so lucky enough as to suffer from selected memory loss). Luckily, hearts are strong and we do not need to live with fully healed hearts in order to be perfectly happy. We do not even require fully healed hearts in order to fall in love with another would-be heart breaker.

They will always grow back no matter how many times they have been dashed, smashed and trashed. Their capacity and ability to function will remain unchanged.

Perhaps the only real detriment is having ugly sleeves.

– K