Your Decisions Define You

The ripples of seemingly insignificant decisions venture outwards, and in their wake, impact upon areas of our lives that carry much greater importance. Every action and every choice has its implications – the events of our lives are interconnected like 5 am dew-lined cobwebs.

October 1, 2012

Each drop is a possibility, a moment, a laugh, a solution, a love lost.

Forethought is recommended.

– Jess the Cat


Gabrielle Coco Chanel: Perception and Reality

I love the modern Chanel brand, I do. With Lagerfeld at the helm, the fashion house has led the industry season upon season with it’s impeccable taste and vision. But beneath the prestige, star-spangled glamour and lucrative spoils lies something that I find unbearably disturbing.

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Iconic Beauty

Do any of you have those people on Facebook who continuously post photos of themselves? To be frank, I find it unbelievably irritating… and incredibly telling. It really gets me thinking about life in the modern era.

Take the role of cosmetics: when used correctly, make up can be a really wonderful tool that can help bolster confidence. When used poorly …well we’ve all seen people who go a bit too far, but in case you haven’t:

pastel girls in harajuku, 姫ギャル

Now, I’m no make up artist, but I’d say that that might be a bit too much. Just a little?

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