Dont Lose Whats Important

We have to realize that our choices define us. We run on records and build reputations, and because we are limited in the way we understand the motivations of others, we must form estimations based on past behaviour. Never forget that you will be judged and measured by this. Some choices hurt others, and regardless of whether there is regret or forgiveness, they are recorded just the same.


In swoops the self-declared hero of the story, the Second Chance, braying about the inevitability of mistakes. But he is killed off promptly by the fact that his very existence is reliant upon there never being the need for the Third, Fourth and Fifth Chance. How rarely that happens. And at one point in the story, faith and trust will abandon him.

You may be wondering, why do faith and trust abandon such a noble cause? Because even if you are forgiven, for whatever hurtful or disappointing thing that was done, still it is impossible to venture into peoples minds and erase the fact that it occurred in the first place.

There is no going back, no way of wiping the slate clean. Your choices define you because they are a series of decisions you make based on the priorities that you assign to every aspect of your life. Make sure you do not lose whats important.

I’m tired of giving him the benefit of a doubt. Why? Because I do not want to date a man that makes me doubt myself. If I am only to trust and believe in the goodness of one person in this world, it will be me.